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3 HUGE Reasons Why the South Dakota Mars Video is Genius!

Last week South Dakota launched a new ad campaign for the state, looking to attract new residents to the state’s expansive open lands and “abundant jobs.” The tagline? “A Place you can live.” Short. Concise. On message. Oh, and by the way, the whole ad centers on the idea that living in the state is […]

[Infographic] Why Video Should Be Your Focus is 2015

About the Infographic Back in December, Marketing Profs [dot] com declared 2015 the “Year of Video Marketing.” It’s a good article, and you should check it out, but we know reading can be a snooze-fest.  Instead, we were so inspired by all the amazing statistics coming out about video marketing that we put together an infographic […]

Why “Should I Redesign my Website?” is the Wrong Question to Ask

Understanding the Question Here at the Wide Lens, we’ve done our fair share of site redesigns.  In fact 90% of the web work we’ve outputted this year has been rescuing, revamping, and revisiting pre-existing content.  We’re like the Hollywood of the small business web world.   And time and again, we run in to potential clients asking us, […]

A Super-Short History of ‘Hello World’

If you’ve ever set up a new WordPress site, you’ve likely seen the “Hello World” blog post automatically added to any new install of the blogging platform. But if you’re not a programmer or you’re not brushed up on the history of computer coding, you might not know the story behind the post or how […]