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Project Outline //

Everyone’s seen, hear, and ignored the barrage of loud and aggressive car commercials leading up to essentially every holiday weekend ever. We know it’s hard to be heard over the ruckus, and and so did this client. That’s why they decided to go with something fresh and different. A visual treat that would stick with viewers and help them stand out from the crowd.

Using custom photography and graphics, we created a series of motion graphic-only commercials to run before, during, and after Memorial Day this year for a family-owned Houston dealership. The results were unlike anything in the local market, truly distinguishing the client as a forward thinking company that cares about quality and detail.

Services Provided// Video, Edit, Motion Graphics

* Russell & Smith is not a direct client of Wide Lens Creative. WLC served as a sub-contractor to produce this video and was not involved in selling, writing, or delivering this video. We do not represent the dealer.