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Targeting an Audience With the Right Media

We love sports, infographics and great design, so we were pumped when our friends at FanReact came to us with this new project. Check it out…


Project Outline //

FanReact is aggressively expanding in the college and professional sports markets, but they know that the high school sports arena deserves their great app as well. With this in mind, they uses some ninja marketing tactics to get their hands on the email list for the Texas UIL Sports athletic directors. Armed with their distribution model, they knew they had to put their best foot forward and capture the eyes of this busy, all-male and predominately older audience in one image.

The Solution //

This was the perfect fit for Wide Lens Creative. We’re all about distilling wide concepts in to manageable, consumable media that reaches the target audience where they are. In this case, the answer was clear: create a powerful sports infographic that quickly demonstrated the unique value that FanReact offers to high school sports programs.

This project isn’t about functionality because, let’s be honest, these AD’s probably won’t be the ones posting to FanReact. Rather, we concentrated on repositioning the app as a partner with the schools rather than just another social media tool that they need to learn.


The bold flat design falls in line with FanReact’s branding and keeps their message crisp and free of distractions.

To learn more about FanReact, fond their app in the App Store, Google Play, or check out their website.

Services Provided // Graphic Design, Message Architecture