Project | MDX Logo Identity

Original Logo Design

A Dynamic Logo for A Dynamic Company

Project Outline //

When MDX came to us looking for a new identity, they were using a boilerplate logo pulled from a online business card site. In other words, their brand was completely forgettable. Along with their website redesign, we set out to create something new, bold, and representative of their business.


Project Outcome //

MDX is short for “Multi-directional,” like the company’s approach to wealth building. We took that and created a smooth, interwoven system of vector-based arrows and simplified them in to a stunning gradient design using cool, calming colors. We knew their logo needed to make a statement, so we removed the serifs from their previous design and replaced them with a bold, display typeface that mirrors their confident investment portfolio. The result is a logo that is both complex and simplistic, flexible yet bold, and instantly provides the company with a solid brand reputation.