Project | Mobile App Animation

Animated Explanation Video

Explaining an App in 45 Seconds or Less

Project Outline //

The app space is crowded. Very crowded. So when ProposalWare approached us to help with their product launch, we knew exactly how to help them stand out: video.  We knew we only had a small window of time to engage a viewer, and we needed to condense a fairly complex idea in to a quick explanation that would still be clear and effective in communicating purpose.


Project Outcome //

Animation provided the flexibility and clarity we needed for the project, so we set to work scripting something that would show the entire process in 45 seconds or less.  The animation instantly hooks the viewer and rapidly (but clearly) communicates the main idea of the app and entices user downloads.  The video can even be embedded inside the app store to set ProposalWare apart from their competitors when customers are browsing from inside Apple’s marketplace.