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Network Funding, LP, is a great company that helps people through the mortgage lending process.  They’re one of the largest and most accessible mortgage lenders in the country with over 350 branches nation wide.  When NFLP approached us, they knew their brand was tired, and they were in the middle of a complete website redesign and branding campaign.  But something was missing: great video content.  Partnering with their creative team, Wide Lens Creative produced a branding video to reposition their company in the modern marketplace, and started on a project to convert all of the FAQs to web videos.  We were commissioned to make their brand move, so we did just that – literally.  Converting their clean logo in to a simple but effect motion graphic was a lot of fun, and adds a level of quality to their productions in the same way they add quality to all the mortgages they help each of their clients obtain.