Project | Tomas Reyes Website

Custom-Designed Brand Showcase Website


A Unique Site for a Modern Fashion Designer

Project Outline //

Tomas Reyes is a designer who has spent his career building a reputation in the fashion industry. In 2013, he boldly stepped out to create his own brand, and enlisted Wide Lens Creative to create something equally bold to showcase his products online.


Project Outcome //

Knowing that we had the opportunity to do something unique, we created a completely custom site from scratch employing an easy-to-use side-scrolling design. The result is a stunning (if we do say so ourselves) and clean interface that commands the entirety of any screen it occupies. We built it mobile-ready, and maintained the user experience even when viewed on a smart phone.

With expansion in mind, we were ready to take the site to the next level by integrating an eCommerce platform to the design.  We helped Tomas successfully launch his online store in the Fall of 2014.