Blog | Why “Should I Redesign my Website?” is the Wrong Question to Ask

Something We Thought About

Understanding the Question

Here at the Wide Lens, we’ve done our fair share of site redesigns.  In fact 90% of the web work we’ve outputted this year has been rescuing, revamping, and revisiting pre-existing content.  We’re like the Hollywood of the small business web world.   And time and again, we run in to potential clients asking us, “Yeah, it’s kinda old, but do we really NEED a site redesign?”

Wrong question. Here’s why.

Understanding Your Business

We know the reason you’re asking this question.  Money.  Cash.  The bottom line.

And we get it. It’s why we use every free tool we can without sacrificing security or productivity.  It’s why we love Google Voice and pray that it never goes away.  If you run a business, your eye is on the bottom line.  But looking at your web presence, and (by the way) your public perception, is more than just deciding to spend a pretty penny on something… well, pretty.

So, the questions you should ask might sound more like this:

“Can a new site bring me more customers?”

“What’s my conversion rate right now and how can I improve it?”

“Where are my customers finding me (if at all) online, and what are they seeing?”

“Is my competition finding success in the online space?”

In other words, this is a business decision that needs to be made in order to get you back to why you’re asking in the first place: money.  And more of it.

Understanding The Answers

The answers to the questions above and many more like it will point you toward the right decision.  People spend money to make money, and if you can invest in something for $1 and get $2 in return, you’d do it.  Or, to bring it in to context, if your old site has a 5% conversion rate, and a good web company can give you the tools to boost that to 25% or even 45%, you’re no longer investing in a digital piece of artwork, your connecting with your market in a way you never had before.  Smart companies understand that web content is, for the most part, and one-time cost with never-ending ROI if it is utilized in the right way. 

Here’s a list of things that every company should be doing right now – even in the B2B space:

  • Updating content on their site
  • Blogging
  • Sharing industry or market insights
  • Creating listings with mobile-search and mapping sites like Yelp and Google Maps
  • Ensuring that their website is mobile-friendly
  • Posting to social networks, and
  • Interacting with their customers through social media.

These things are your baseline, must-do, should-at-least-make-an-effort activities that any sane entity needs, and most of them can be accomplished for no money and with a little initiative.

So… Do You Need a Redesign?

No.  But do you need to make sure you’re competing in the digital space? Absolutely, and this often means updating your technology and buying your site a new pair of jeans.  If your current site has celebrated its fifth birthday, here’s what it probably doesn’t have:

  • A modern Content Management System (CMS) for updates and blogging
  • Social media integration
    • Facebook and Twitter were still for teens
    • Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ didn’t exist yet
  • Worthwhile analytics
  • Mobile-friendly design (No need! Flip phones still ruled!)
  • HTML5, CCS3, or any other modern web technology
  • Efficient forms or email capture

I won’t launch in to too many facts, but if you want to read about how mobile took over desktop web traffic in 2014, or how email marketing is back in  a big way, or how analytics and data can give you a whole new picture of your customer, and then tell me that you don’t think a new website could help grow your business… well, you might need to learn a little more about your customer.

Or, if you’re interested, we know a little about how great design and terrific tools can come together with solid strategy to grow a business. So, if you ever find yourself asking, “How can I grow / increase awareness / make more money?” give us a call.


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